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I make artist books to move forward the way we read, process information, communicate.

Reign Artist Book One of a Kind Middle Section is 32" X 40" ​ Flanking Questions 20" X 16" ​ Can be exhibited in parts March 2017


Thinkin Like a Mountain Artist Poetry Chapbook
Thinking Like
A Mountain
Delicate Dancing on Electric Tracks
Delicate Dancing
On Electric Tracks
If I Have You Already?
If I Have You
Paralyzed Flowers Vased Artist Book One of a Kind 15" x 6" February 2017
Paralyzed Flowers Vased
Communications: A We An Artist Book of Poems Artist Book One of a Kind July 2016
A We
Delicious Fires
Delicious Fires
Practicing Pitchforks
Flowers I Have Known and the Secrets They Have Shared with Me Artist Book One of a Kind April 23, 2015
Yves Klein at Walker Art Center Four Parts in Four Years Artist Poetry Pamphelt Limited Edition 1/26/2011--12/31/15
Yves Klein
at Walker Art Center
Burn:  A Blind Girl Describing the Sun
Burn a blind girl
describing the sun
Life is Not to Be Lived On the Surface Alone
Life Is Not To Be
Lived On The
Surface Alone
Rocks Stoned, Wrinkles Stand
Rocks Stoned,
Wrinkles Stand
For the Night in a Hole
For The Night
In A Hole
Evergreen Poem Slips
Evergreen Poem

Each book is a work of art that is usually one of kind or limited to editions of less than 10

A White River Valley
Vicki Milewski Artist Books
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